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The Nursery

It was that time of year when the photographer was booked to take the annual nursery photographs.   It could take all day depending on how the children and babies behaved,  so the staff were pleased that their friend Rose had offered to do it.

Deja Vu Nursery 2016 (44)

She had spent a few visits getting to know the kids so that they would feel comfortable when she turned up with a camera.  It still took a long time to get the pictures but Rose was satisfied that the parents of each child would like them.

Deja Vu Nursery cont 001

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Tonner Autumn Chills


The Sewing Room

Deja Vu Sewing Room (33)


Sasha, now a fully qualified designer, had tried to help her sisters Amber and Natalie set up a small dressmaking business.  The idea was to offer one of a kind designs to include knitted and crocheted garments.

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Amber and Natalie didn’t have the same work ethic as Sasha, who more often than not had to bale them out when deadlines approached.

Deja Vu Sewing Room (32)


Amber did her best but was prone to chopping & changing what she was doing instead of following through on one job before starting another.

This meant that there were always projects that had been started taking up space that was already limited.





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Natalie on the other hand had discovered boys so didn’t always pull her weight, and on the occasions she didn’t turn up to help at all she said she was networking.                                *no picture of Natalie as she failed to turn up for this article

One customer that Sasha was keen to hold onto was Norma. It was thanks to her that their

Deja Vu Sewing Room (19)


business was thriving.

She came in regularly, at least once a month and was open to idea’s.

She had commissioned some new dresses for upcoming functions and arrived today for the final fitting.  She was wearing a skirt and top that Sasha had made for her a couple of months ago.



Deja Vu Sewing Room (8)Deja Vu Sewing Room (11)

She tried the blue dress first while Sasha and Amber fussed around her making sure it fit just right.

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Norma was happy with it, and so were Sasha and Amber.  Next came the yellow dress, not a colour to carry off easily, but Norma looked stunning.

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Now, what comes next?

Deja Vu Sewing Room (36)

Arlene, a new customer is coming to be measured for an outfit she has helped design.

Deja Vu Sewing Room (37)Deja Vu Sewing Room (38)Deja Vu Sewing Room (39)

And so it goes.  One customer at a time.

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The Laundry

It was that time of the week when clothing was in short supply:  yes, the laundry needed to be done.  It was the same every week, even though the girls had a rota, neither of them ever wanted to  be doing laundry.

House No 1 is occupied by Norma and Tina, and of the two Norma is far more domesticated.  Of course Tina is really “Lady Clementina” and hasn’t had much need of using a washer or drier at her family home.

They have the better laundry room that is made for the ‘Our Generation’ line.

Norma started to iron the clothes from the drier, and asked Tina to put more clothes into the washing machine.

Deja Vu Laundry One (2)

Once they got going they worked well together and soon had enough clothes to last at least a week (or so they hoped) 🙂

Meanwhile next door, at house No 2, lives Natalie.  Her housemates are on vacation so she is home alone.

Deja Vu Laundry Two

Their laundry is functional but not as pretty as house No 1.

Deja Vu Laundry Two (1)

Tina very kindly offered to help Natalie out, and never one to reject an offer Natalie gladly accepted.

All good now, until they start to run out of clothes again at least  🙂

The Craft Room

Deja Vu Craft Room (48)  Corrina invited Colette to visit the craft room.

Colette wasn’t sure what to expect ,she had thought perhaps a new upmarket restaurant/bar, but she certainly hadn’t expected an actual ‘craft room’  where you make things.

Deja Vu Craft Room (0)

She smiled sweetly as Corrina  proudly showed off the model house that she had just finished making.

Deja Vu Craft Room (47)


Deja Vu Craft Room (6)

Something strange was happening to Colette; as she looked at the books and model kits she began to  remember some of the things that she had made as a child, and how her Mother praised her and made her feel so special.  The memories were bittersweet as her Mother was no longer here, having lost her battle with cancer.

Corrina was so organised and neat, and Colette wondered if she would let her make something if she visited again.  One thing was for sure, she was going to try to be kinder to people just as her own dear Mother had been.  In fact perhaps she should strive to be more like Corrina who was also very sweet.

Deja Vu Craft Room (12)

Deja Vu Craft Room (46)

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