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Monthly Archives: July, 2014

Penelope’s Secret

Penelope was lounging in the den trying to read the morning newspaper before getting dressed, but she couldn’t concentrate on anything because she had a secret. She didn’t like keeping secrets, and as secrets went this was quite a big one. Since her lunch dates with Jules in January, they had been dating. It was a …

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Penelope’s Surprise

Bobbie felt bad that she had been so miserable with her parents, and especially her cousin Penny, since coming home. Appeasing her mother would be easy; a giant floral tribute, as she spent every spare moment in the extensive gardens. Of course, her mother had very few spare moments so the gardens were really tended …

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10th April 2014 – Bobbie Brewster

Penelope has been looking forward to this day for what seemed like forever.  Her own dear, darling cousin, Roberta (or Bobbie as she likes to be known) was due to return home.  She has been away at school and on placement, so the cousins had seen very little of each other for a whole term. …

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17th January 2014 – Penelope Brewster settles in

Penelope has settled in really well and has been happy to pose for the camera.  She has tried a number of different style clothes and because she is so slim (especially her waist) it has been difficult to find clothes that fit properly. Two of the outfits that fit her shape best are from the …

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30th December 2013 – Welcome Penelope

Well, where should I start? Penelope Brewster had to move on from her last home and found her way to me.  Within minutes of meeting her she had stolen my heart ❤     Photographs do not do her justice, she is truly amazing and is a natural in front of the camera. Welcome Penelope Brewster!

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