mydollfamily – Déjà Vu

10th April 2014 – Bobbie Brewster

Penelope has been looking forward to this day for what seemed like forever.  Her own dear, darling cousin, Roberta (or Bobbie as she likes to be known) was due to return home.  She has been away at school and on placement, so the cousins had seen very little of each other for a whole term.

Since they were little girls they had spent every minute they could together, and everyone said they were closer than two sisters might be.  During their final school years they had reluctantly opted for different courses to reflect their chosen career paths but they had long ago made a pact that they would always and forever be near enough to jump into a car and be with the other in times of need, within 30 minutes.  This was, of course, totally impractical but there was no telling them.

Now Penelope hovered around the telephone willing it to ring, with news that her cousin was here.  When it finally did ring Penelope jumped out of her skin, then laughed at herself for being so silly.   She was home, Bobbie was really home!  Now Penelope fussed around making sure she looked okay, and that her hair was neat & tidy.  Her father called upstairs for her, telling her that they were ready to go, and Penelope literally flew downstairs.  The journey usually took about 20 minutes but today every slowcoach in the town seemed to be on the road as though all were conspiring to keep the two cousins apart deliberately.

Finally, they reached the village where her Aunt & Uncle lived and Penelope was bursting by now to see Bobbie.  As she climbed out of the car she expected her to come running out of the house, as excited to see Penelope, as Penelope was to see her.  Instead her Uncle (her Fathers brother) came out and took Penelope’s hand.  He confided that Roberta had arrived home feeling very morose and very unlike her usual self.  Her Aunt & Uncle hoped that seeing Penelope would be just the tonic she needed and that soon she would be back to normal.

Penelope was worried; her cousin had never behaved like this before.  She rushed up to her bedroom and after knocking pushed the door open.  Oh my, it looked as though Bobbie had been crying, now Penelope was very concerned and held her arms open to give her a big hug.   Bobbie came to her but none of the excitement or passion was there as it always had been before.  Bobbie couldn’t tell Penelope what was wrong with her because she didn’t know.  They looked at some magazines and chatted but Penelope craved for her bright, bubbly cousin to return to her.  As it was Bobbie asked if Penelope would give her some space for today, and perhaps come again tomorrow, when she was sure she would be feeling much better.  Penelope reluctantly agreed and made her way downstairs to her parents, and her Aunt & Uncle and they were all astonished at Bobbies reticence.

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