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Penelope’s Surprise

Bobbie felt bad that she had been so miserable with her parents, and especially her cousin Penny, since coming home. Appeasing her mother would be easy; a giant floral tribute, as she spent every spare moment in the extensive gardens. Of course, her mother had very few spare moments so the gardens were really tended by an army of gardeners but her mother took pleasure in pruning here & there and admiring the beautiful colours & aroma’s. For her father she would buy a bottle of the scotch that he enjoyed a glass, or two, of every evening to unwind before bedtime.   She knew of a person that could acquire such things at short notice, no questions asked. The problem was what to do for Penny.   She knew that Penny had been especially worried about her because she heard her mother and her aunt speaking about it on the telephone. A gift would seem too trivial no matter what the cost. She wanted something personal so that Penny would firstly, forgive her and secondly, cherish her forever more. Bobbie had gone through a period of such malaise that she hadn’t wanted to get up out of bed in the mornings, or see anyone. She had no idea why the malaise had come over her, especially at this point in her life when everything was going so well. Her mother had insisted on making an appointment with her childhood GP as she felt he knew her better than anyone else in the medical field. The GP, Dr Rathbone, was a very kindly old gentleman who should have retired years before but as his wife had passed away unexpectedly he had decided to continue tending to his patients, who in most cases had also become friends over the passing of the years. His conclusion was that Bobbie needed to do more ‘fun’ things as she had spent the last several years in education working towards her various goals.   She supposed that Dr Rathbone was right; she hadn’t done many fun things over the last few months. The placement that her father had secured for her was many miles away from home and she hadn’t yet made friends with any of the people at the huge corporation. How she missed her cousin Penny during those long nights away. Bobbie bought an antique cameo necklace that she remembered Penelope saying how much she loved, on one of their window shopping extravaganzas. The poem came from her heart and contained both sadness and joy.   She knew that both would have special significance to Bobbie and Penelope. They met at the common for a game of tennis after which Bobbie said how sorry she was to have worried everyone. Penelope gave her cousin a big hug and Bobbie burst into tears. Penelope soothed Bobbie with her kind words and her gentle manner. When Bobbie had composed herself she shyly told Penelope about the poem she had written, and gave it to her to read. Penelope was really touched by the gesture and loved the poem, even though it read as though meant for a lover rather than a cousin, but Bobbie was very sentimental. She was even more surprised when Bobbie told her she had a gift for her too and scolded her cousin, telling her that she didn’t have to buy a gift as the poem was worth more to her than any gift. Penelope took the gift and was speechless when she opened the pretty box. Inside was an antique cameo necklace that she had coveted for so long. She was overwhelmed that her cousin would do this for her. It was time for another hug and Bobbie held on for the longest time, cherishing the moment and inhaling the scent of Penelope. As they broke off from the hug Penelope thought for a moment that Bobbie was going to kiss her then shook off the notion as quickly as it came. Bobbie did kiss her cheek and told her that she would always love her, to which Penelope said that she hoped so as they were brought up as close as sisters. Penelope couldn’t miss the look of anguish that crossed Bobbie’s face, and she was left once again worrying about her cousin’s health and state of mind.

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