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Penelope’s Secret

Penelope was lounging in the den trying to read the morning newspaper before getting dressed, but she couldn’t concentrate on anything because she had a secret.

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She didn’t like keeping secrets, and as secrets went this was quite a big one.

3.  She didn't like keeping secrets

Since her lunch dates with Jules in January, they had been dating.

4.  She and Jules were dating

It was a secret because so far she hadn’t plucked up the courage to tell her cousin Bobbie (Roberta).

5.  It was a secret because she hadn't told Bobbie

She had made all sorts of excuses to herself for not telling her like; they were just friends, or they didn’t see each other every day, or it might not last etc., etc. The thing was they weren’t ‘just friends’ anymore, they didn’t see each other every day (chance would be a fine thing) but they were in contact morning & night of every day sending texts or ‘selfies’ and finally, it had lasted for six months so far.

They sent texts or 'selfies' to each other

They sent texts or ‘selfies’ to each other


Initially Penelope wasn’t sure it would last because the first few times Jules took her out for lunch he was still in a relationship with CJ. He didn’t tell Penelope about CJ, but lots of other people did and it was all over social networking site ‘Natter’ that “Penelope was a …”, well best not to dwell on that. Jules had finally admitted to her that he and CJ hadn’t been getting on too well and that he was ready to break off their relationship.

7.  Jules was still going out with CJ

Unfortunately CJ had different ideas and as far as she was concerned Penelope had caused the break up. It hadn’t been a good experience for Penelope and she had felt ostracized by a lot of her friends.

CJ and her friends blamed Penelope for the break up

CJ and her friends blamed Penelope for the break up

Then would have been the ideal time to confide in Bobbie but she had been away working on a placement at a big Corporation and Penelope hadn’t wanted to worry her.

9.  Bobbie had been away on a placement

Jules had persuaded Penelope to stick it out for 3 months to see if she still felt unsure, and if so they would call it a day, but by the time the 3 month mark rolled around they were besotted with each other and couldn’t imagine being without the other.

10.  Jules & Penelope were soon besotted with each other

Penelope wished now that she had told Bobbie from day 1 or from the 3 month anniversary but she hadn’t and now had to face up to it. She had to do something about it now because Jules was coming to meet Penelope’s parents and was planning on staying for a few days. She knew that Bobbie would be upset with her for all sorts of reasons, not least because of their childhood pledge that still seemed to mean so much to Bobbie.

11.  Jules was coming to meet Penelopes parents

Penelope loved her cousin very much, and missed her madly when she wasn’t around but there had to come a time when they let other people into their lives too. She had expected Bobbie to meet a boy first, what with being away from home, and had wondered how she would deal with the news, but it hadn’t happened.

12.  Penelope thought that Bobbie would meet a boy first

Oh well, she would have to bite the bullet and tell her the news face to face. She would have to wait until the village fete was over on Saturday, because they were working on a stall together, raising money for a local charity, and she didn’t want there to be an atmosphere.   Then her Mother had a lunch date on Sunday with very important people, and both girls were invited, so she couldn’t risk bringing it up then.

13.  The village fete is on Saturday

Monday might be a better day, but wait… she was sure something was happening but couldn’t remember what it was. Her Father had shouted something through her closed bedroom door about visitors coming to stay with them on Monday. Darn it, she couldn’t remember what he had said and put it down to him mumbling so she hadn’t heard properly.

14.  Visitors are expected on Monday

At this rate she might as well tell Bobbie the following Saturday, the day that Jules was due to arrive. She felt palpitations in her chest and wasn’t sure if it was excitement at the thought of seeing Jules, or fear at the thought of telling Bobbie. Okay, she decided next Saturday it would be, and she turned her attention back to the newspaper.

15. Penelope would tell Bobbie  the same day that Jules was due to arrive


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