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Déjà Vu – Young Designers


Clara, Judy and Sasha

Clara, Judy and Sasha

Meet Clara, Judy and Sasha who have each signed up for a young designers course.  It was so strange when they first met at the apartment they would be sharing, because firstly they all had similar coloured hair & secondly they were all wearing fashions by the same designer.  If this designers clothes were available in any one of the numerous clothes shops dotted along every high street, you might think ‘oh just one of those coincidences’, but these fashions were very exclusive and not easy to come by.

The girls had applied to the university in the city and eventually learned that they were being offered places.  Well, that applies to Clara and Sasha who had aspired to be designers since being young girls, but Judy’s path was a little different.  She had been offered a role in a movie but two days before shooting was to commence she had fallen head over heels down a staircase.  She had been hospitalised for 10 days to ensure that no concussion had occurred and sent home for strict bed rest.  It meant that she had to forego her acting, at least for now, and thanks to her Mother she had secured a last minute place at the university.

Deja Vu Designers  (2)

Clara was the first to arrive and was very impressed with the apartment and the fantastic views.  She was wearing an outfit called “Ripples” from the ‘Rain Collection’ in the hope of impressing her new housemates.  She would dress like this every day if she could, but perhaps one day her dream of becoming a renowned designer would allow her to have the life she craved so much.



Next to arrive was Sasha and neither of them could believe they were wearing clothes from the same designer.  Clara liked Sasha straight away partly because her aura was so warm & inviting, but also because she seemed so down to earth.   Clara was somewhat sensitive to vibes and aura’s and often knew things about people that wasn’t common knowledge.

Deja Vu Designers  (10)

Sasha had had a long journey and was shattered, but her excitement at finally leaving home kept her alert to her surroundings.  So many sights, and sounds and smells; all alien to the world that she had lived in.  Being one of 6 children born to parents that had been hippies, her life had been far from conventional.  She was so pleased when she met Clara that she seemed so ‘normal’, and normal was good.  She couldn’t believe they were both wearing clothes by the same designer, with her own outfit called “Rain”, from the ‘Rain collection’.

Deja Vu Designers  (17)

There was a sudden commotion outside the door of the apartment, and then the door flew open.  A man laden down with bags staggered in and asked where he should put them.  Clara and Sasha hadn’t yet explored so told him to put them anywhere, which he did and promptly left.  Before the girls could gather their thoughts a pretty girl sashayed in and introduced herself as Judy.

Deja Vu Designers  (23)

Clara and Sasha just looked at her with their mouths open in surprise, until Judy told them to stop catching flies.  They both closed their mouths quickly and introduced themselves.  Clara started to explain that they were all wearing clothes from the same designer, but Judy cut her short and asked if she would be a darling and get her a drink.  Of course, Clara went to do it straight away and when she returned Judy was getting designs out from her portfolio.

Well, time will tell how the girls get on together and if Judy will stick to fashion design, go back to acting, or do something else entirely.

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