mydollfamily – Déjà Vu

Déjà Vu – Young Designers (2)

The girls had a light afternoon snack; light because Sasha and Clara shared one sandwich, and Judy just had a drink.

Deja Vu Designers 2 011

It seemed that none of them wanted to eat very much because of image expectations within the fashion industry.

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As early evening approached they decided that they had talked enough and that it was time to go out to take a look around the area.  They changed out of their designer outfits and after much mumbling and cursing coming from Judy’s room they were almost ready to go.

But first Judy wanted to do ‘something’ with Sasha’s hair…

Deja Vu Designers 2 017

Sasha didn’t take offence at Judy, she was laid back and had grown up with 6 siblings so was used to some conflict.  They lived a secluded life in the country with her hippy parents, not in a commune but they shared their space with other new age families.   She had never been into a town or city, so this whole experience was an adventure for her.  She had dreamed of being a fashion designer since she was a little girl and she intended to grasp this opportunity with both hands.

Deja Vu Designers 2 030

Meanwhile Clara has a dream to break into the design / modelling world.  People are always telling her how beautiful she is, and how well she carries herself, but she never quite believes it.  Her parents are working class, and have had their struggles, but they have scrimped and scraped to enable their daughter to have this opportunity.  She is kind, caring and nurturing so should balance the group quite well.   Not only does she design and make her own outfits (and even sold a few) but she has also designed and made some shoes!

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Judy’s ambition is to become an actress as successful, or more successful, than her older sister Diana.  She is only on this course because of an accident that prevented her taking her first proper acting role.  Her mother had pulled some strings as she is quite influential, to ensure that Judy would be offered a place.  Unfortunately she either didn’t know, or didn’t care that someone had lost their place because of it.  It has to be said that Judy is very accident prone, not necessarily involved but always nearby, that have included a few hair raising moments.  She comes from a very well known family who have never known hardship.  Her mother is very controlling and sometimes over bearing, both traits that Judy has inherited.  She can be bossy and is definitely used to getting her own way, but she can be generous too, and when in the right mood can admit to some of her faults.

Deja Vu Designers 2 041a

Judy soon gave up on Clara’s hair, another thing she is short of is patience.  Clara and Sasha laughed and to her own surprise so did Judy!

Deja Vu Designers 2 036




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