mydollfamily – Déjà Vu

Penelope’s Visitor

Penelope had had a good weekend, the fete had gone well and she and Cousin Bobbie had raised a good amount of money for charity.  Her Mothers lunch date had also gone well on the Sunday and Penelope and Bobbie had spent a lot of time roaming the extensive gardens of the manor house with one of the guests.

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The visitor that her Father had told her would visit on Monday was her other dear cousin Lady Arabella. As her title suggests Arabella is born of nobility as her Mother Phoebe (sister to Penelope’s Father & Bobbies Father) had married a Lord. The three cousins saw very little of each other because of Lord Bertran’s work commitments which took him, and his family, all over the World. Because of that Lady Arabella (or Arabella as I shall call her for now) had tutors to teach her everything that a Diplomats daughter would need to know and had never attended a school, college or university.

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They are back in the UK for the foreseeable future and are staying with Penelope (or rather with her Mother and Father) in Hambridge until Friday before heading to London, where they will stay with Lord Bertran’s older brother.  They are going to look at property with a view to buying, rather than renting, and as they want something substantial estate agents are bending over backwards to accommodate them.  Arabella even views a few properties to see if she can find something suitable.

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It is a shame that Arabella won’t be here to meet Jules but Penelope will be sure to text her on Sunday to tell her of everything that she had missed out on. She would be so shocked, but happy too Penelope knew. Arabella is one of the sweetest, kindest people she had ever met and apparently she got that trait from her Mother, Penelope’s Aunt Phoebe.

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Now, Penelope felt a kind of déjà vu as she sat waiting for Arabella to arrive. Just a couple of months ago she had felt the same kind of excitement at the thought of Bobbie returning home from her placement at a big corporate company, and that hadn’t gone at all how she had expected. As Penelope looked out of the window she saw a car winding along the driveway and called out to her parents that their visitors had arrived.

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The hired help bustled around collecting luggage and packages to take to the wing the family would be occupying during their stay but Arabella wanted some taken directly to Penelope’s rooms.

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Penelope and Arabella excused themselves and headed for the stairs. They hadn’t taken many steps when Bobbie rushed in all of a fluster.

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She spotted her cousins and sprinted through the hall, whilst apologising at the same time. They all laughed and hugged so happy to be together at long last. Bobbie wanted to know exactly what she had missed from Arabella’s journey, to her arrival, to her own arrival and Arabella was happy to oblige her.

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Arabella had bought a suitcase full of gifts for the two girls and they spent an age opening them up and parading around in new hats, scarves and glasses.

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For the next few hours they were totally absorbed and lost all track of time. They recalled how they used to refer to each other as ‘Ari’, ‘P’ and ‘Bobbie’ and how only Bobbie had kept her nickname (much to the dismay of her parents). Bobbie was the rascal of the three who had given her parents more than one sleepless night during her formative years.

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The girls had a great time over the next few days, re-establishing their friendship and recounting endless tales from their exciting lives. They each promised to stay in touch more now that Arabella would be located in the UK. There were tears as goodbyes were said to Arabella, Aunt Phoebe and Uncle Henry (that is Lord & Lady Bertran to anyone outside of the family).

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Bobbie reverted to her petulant manner after they had left and when Penelope asked her what was wrong; she had replied that she didn’t like having to share. Penelope pressed her for an explanation of what she meant and Bobbie had said “I don’t like having to share YOU!”

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