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Déjà Vu – Young Designers (3)

Within a few short weeks it would be time for the girls to display the best of their creations in a fashion show presented by the university and it was rumoured that scouts often attended to see if there was any special talent that needed close consideration.

Sasha, Clara and Judy called in the help of friends, family and friends of family to do a rehearsal prior to the big day.  The “volunteers” who acted as models for them boasted real, actual ‘Ladies’ and even a famous actress (who incidentally was Judy’s sister).

Each of the models was given one outfit to wear except for Lisa Marie who arrived with a number of wigs, and it would have been rude not to utilise them all…

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At this stage the outfits are not elaborate, that comes in the next fashion show when they have had several more months training, and expectations are much higher.  This was more of a taster for the girls, and for the university staff to judge the merits of each of them.

Judy had struggled with some of the technicalities, but Sasha and Clara had both helped her. It had led to them asking Judy how she had produced such intricate designs for her portfolio and what Judy said had shocked them both (they soon realized that this was going to be the norm where Judy was concerned).

Judy’s mother had paid a junior designer, who she had been assured showed great promise, to do a portfolio for Judy to present to the university to exceed their strict criteria thus guaranteeing her a place.   The junior designer had been aghast initially and unyielding, but when she learned how much money was on offer she had acquiesced.  Her reasoning was that she would be able to give her mother and younger sister a holiday to create some happy memories, before the cancer finally took hold.

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