mydollfamily – Déjà Vu

Penelope’s Date


The weekend came all too quickly for Penelope and she woke up with a headache and feeling sick. Her Mother thought she was coming down with something and wanted her to stay home, but today was going to be a special day, one way or another.  She was going to introduce Bobbie to Jules.


The declaration from Bobbie in the form of a poem had weighed heavily on Penelope and she had barely slept since, feeling that something was very wrong, deep in the pit of her tummy.    (See “Penelope’s Surprise” ).


When Penelope had told Bobbie that she had something she wanted to tell her and that they would go out to eat somewhere quiet, Bobbie had a feeling she knew exactly what it would be and had been very excited.

But meantime, Bobbie had taken part as an amateur model in the ‘Young Designers’ rehearsal, arranged by her Aunt Janine (Penelope’s Mother) so she hadn’t been able to get out of it. It was a blessing in disguise because as painfully shy as Bobbie was, it had enabled her to make friends (well, one friend anyway).

Young Designers Fashions 305

Lisa Marie was so unlike anyone that Bobbie had ever known before: beautiful, clever, confident and popular. Bobbie had felt so proud that she had been the one that Lisa Marie befriended that when Lisa Marie suggested they meet up again, Bobbie was very eager…just one problem, it was the same day & time that she was meant to meet Penelope.


Penelope checked the time of arrival for the train that Jules would be on, for the umpteenth time. He should arrive at 7pm and her Mother had arranged for a car to pick him up from the station. She and Bobbie would arrive at the restaurant at about the same time, and Jules would join them after freshening up.

Xtra Penelopes Date 048


Bobbie silently chastised Penelope, why had it taken her so long to respond to Bobbie? Heaven only knew that she hadn’t been very subtle about it and now Lisa Marie had come into her life. She knew she had to telephone Penelope to tell her sooner rather than later, but she didn’t want to hurt her feelings.



Penelope was finishing off her make up and still had her hair to sort out.  She was running late and knew Bobbie would be sulky if she wasn’t there to meet her at the restaurant on time, but she wanted to look her best for seeing her beau.  Each time she thought about him she felt a fluttering of excitement and was so lucky to have met her true love.  She had imagined every scenario that was ever likely to happen between them, including marriage, babies and divorce.   She had actually got upset at the prospect of divorce and they hadn’t even been going out for a year yet.  She knew she was completely smitten because he was all she thought about morning, noon and night.

Xtra Penelopes Date 032

Her mobile phone rang and cut into her thoughts and she answered without checking the caller ID, then just stared at it in disbelief.  Had Bobbie just cancelled on her? “She was meeting a friend”… oh well, that was okay then, no need for Penelope to have worried about being late at all.  Then before Penelope had uttered a word Bobbie hung up… just like that… no apology… no explanation. Penelope just stood stock still for a moment not quite believing what had just happened. Then she wondered if she had inadvertently upset Bobbie, or if there really was a friend, and who he / she was. She didn’t have to wait very long to find out.


Penelope waited outside the restaurant for Jules to arrive, and he was bemused that after all of the ‘cloak & dagger’ stuff Bobbie had gone off to do her own thing.  He didn’t think it was a big deal and just assumed he would meet Bobbie next time, but he didn’t know how intense Bobbie had always been with Penelope so he couldn’t judge the situation.  Jules was happy to have Penelope all to himself and wanted to savour every minute that he spent with her.

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The owner of the restaurant was a friend of Jules’ family and he wanted to make the night as special as possible for the couple.  They talked about their hopes & dreams and neither could believe how quickly their relationship had become serious.  They were given a bottle of ‘bubbly’ on the house and their meal was delicious from the first course, right through to the extravagant desserts.

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After eating they decided to go to a local wine bar before calling it a night.  It had started to get cooler so Jules wrapped his arms around Penelope, and she felt so proud that she could burst, or was that all of the food she had eaten?  🙂

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They were chatting about nothing in particular when Penelope spotted Bobbie across the room. She was with two ladies, one of whom Penelope recognized from taking a tour around her Mothers garden. She thought for a moment trying to recall her name… Emma Jean!

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Just then Bobbie spotted Penelope and waved to her. She wondered briefly how she had found her and why, then noticed she was with a male. A brief look of jealousy crossed her face before being replaced with a smile, but it hadn’t gone unnoticed by Lisa Marie.

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They all got chatting and introductions were made, and Penelope realised that she had also met Lisa Marie, when they had taken part in a small modelling function. She liked Lisa Marie and Emma Jean and was pleased that her cousin Bobbie was branching out.

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The same couldn’t be said for Bobbie. When she comprehended that Penelope had actually intended to introduce Jules and Bobbie, and not declare …., well never mind that now, she felt very foolish and not a little angry.

She was glad that Lisa Marie had come into her life and at just the right time too. She could only imagine how devastating the news would have been that her own dear Penelope was dating.

Here are ladies (and gent) on the night:

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