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Déjà Vu Bridesmaids

Sisters Sasha, Natalie and Amber, along with friends Satine and Colette, were bridesmaids for a friend today . We caught up with them a few days ago to take some shots and hoped to do the same at the wedding.

No, the ‘official’ photographer took one look at us and complained to the brides mother saying that if we took any photos he would leave…sour puss. The bride was a doll and let us take some shots inside the church after the service, but they couldn’t be formal poses, and outside too.

By the time the service was over it was very overcast and cold outside, and if you look carefully you can almost see the girls shivering, so we spent very little time outdoors.

But I digress, day 1 the girls went to Willoughby Street, which as we all know is the parallel to Carnaby Street.

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Day 2 saw them shopping, yes again, this time at a famous outlet selling designer clothes at knock down prices. They had lots of fun here and the main topic of conversation was how much they had saved, not how much they had spent.

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Day 3 was spent at a bird sanctuary and just what the girls needed to unwind after their two days of shopping 🙂

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Finally day 4 arrived: the day of the wedding. It would have been so nice to get ‘proper’ photographs, group shots, bride, groom etc. Never mind there will always be a next time.

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More of these photo’s on FLCKR


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