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The Laundry

It was that time of the week when clothing was in short supply:  yes, the laundry needed to be done.  It was the same every week, even though the girls had a rota, neither of them ever wanted to  be doing laundry.

House No 1 is occupied by Norma and Tina, and of the two Norma is far more domesticated.  Of course Tina is really “Lady Clementina” and hasn’t had much need of using a washer or drier at her family home.

They have the better laundry room that is made for the ‘Our Generation’ line.

Norma started to iron the clothes from the drier, and asked Tina to put more clothes into the washing machine.

Deja Vu Laundry One (2)

Once they got going they worked well together and soon had enough clothes to last at least a week (or so they hoped) 🙂

Meanwhile next door, at house No 2, lives Natalie.  Her housemates are on vacation so she is home alone.

Deja Vu Laundry Two

Their laundry is functional but not as pretty as house No 1.

Deja Vu Laundry Two (1)

Tina very kindly offered to help Natalie out, and never one to reject an offer Natalie gladly accepted.

All good now, until they start to run out of clothes again at least  🙂

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